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What's Going On?

It's been quite awhile since I've posted anything. Most of my energy is given to the three podcasts I am a part of, all of which can be found at Benview Network. Things have also really ramped up at work as I am now supporting all of our Web products.… more »
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Bully and The MPAA

Review: Bully exposes MPAA flaws and a touchy feely approach to schoolyard harassment - HitFix.comLet's make this clear. The very reason the MPAA assigned "Bully" a R rating - which means children under 17 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian… more »
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Hello Hello

Yes, I'm aware this is only my third post in 2011. Oh well. Things on my mind: On the D&D front, the group I am DMing (Dungeon Mastering) for has made it a little past the halfway point of the fantastic Reavers of Harkenwold adventure from the… more »
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Amazon Fail

I'm having a problem and when I really start to think about it, I know it's a really silly thing, but it still bums me out. I love Amazon Prime. It's one of my favorite things. I like that I can order an item when it is on sale and not have to spend… more »
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The Saga Ends

So that's it. My car is officially gone. The police found it but it ended up being a lost cause. I'm a little sad it all went down this way. I'm currently working on getting a new car. The video was shot on my new iPhone and I was holding it… more »
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Have You Seen This Car?

"Well, they finally did it. They killed my fucking car." - The Dude So I got back from Vegas to discover my car had been stolen from my apartment complex. That's the punishment I get for thinking I shouldn't take the Neon to Vegas, I should rent a… more »
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This is a Mess

It's that time of the year again, time to try and get in on the discount rooms for Comic-Con. This year was even more of a disaster than last year. Why? Because at this point I do not have a hotel room at all. I was on the site at 9 AM, assured that… more »
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In Case You're Wondering

I am NOT going to comment on the Kevin Smith/Southwest Airlines fiasco since I know it will attract trolls and I fear I will be unable to control myself in responding to them. I'm only posting this because folks have been asking. So how bout LOST, eh? more »
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OMG December

Holy crap you guys, it's December, Christmas is coming, Blue Christmas 12 is tonight, OMG my Mom is on Facebook... Yeah, I actually helped her do that, in a fit of holiday spirit and charity. But my mom is cool so I guess I'm cool with it. This is… more »
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WTF of the Day: Petition for Polanski Release

So in my previous post about Roman Polanski's arrrest Kyle wanted to know who was defending him. How about an insane amount of directors whose work I love. Holy crap, seriously guys? Really? We have learned the astonishing news of Roman Polanski's… more »
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WTF of the Day: Illegals

This really doesn't have anything to do with anything, just something I have noticed over time and heard from the mouths of a lot of people I thought were better than that. I'm talking about folks who call any Mexican or Latin American they come in… more »
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WTF of the Day: Insulting Your Target Audience Doesn't Work, People

Two things that were brought to my attention today are PETA's "Save The Whales" campaign, detailed here and the ThinkB4YouSpeak campaign. Les puts it better than I can about how the whole insulting people to try and get them to stop insulting people… more »
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On the Job Front

It's been five months since I've been out of a job. I have applied for countless positions and have only gotten one interview. I'm just not sure what to do anymore. I have about three months of unemployment left. I just came to the horrible… more »
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This Whole Facebook Mess is Silly

Slashdot | Facebook Scrambles To Contain ToS Fallout "Anger over Facebook's ToS update has forced the company to scramble. Yesterday, a spokesman released a statement that said Facebook has never 'claimed ownership of material that users upload,' and is… more »
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Kevin Forest Moreau is a Twerp

3-D Coraline: a two-dimensional fantasy I got this off Neil Gaiman's Twitter feed. From the review: With the exception of his best film, 1990's Edward Scissorhands, director/producer Tim Burton is best known for spinning pre-existing pop-cultural… more »
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I'm Bad At This

I am really failing at my New Year's resolution to blog more.  I have two excuses though.  One, I'm actually working.  I have a couple freelance jobs going on and I've also been helping Phil with Audrey (my goddaughter) now that Janelle… more »
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The Popularity Contest

So Twitter is the latest victim of the Popularity Contest Syndrome. This is a common ailment of many social media sites. Actually, I think it's just a part of the human condition. It really bothers me though. Half the tweets I read now are about… more »
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How To Alienate Your Fans

Ringo Starr: Don't send me any more fan mail - Yahoo! News The fan fatigue led the former Beatles drummer to post a sometimes angry sounding short video clip on his Web site telling fans that any mail sent to him after Oct. 20 will not be read or… more »
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It's Not For You....

Yeah, internet, I get it. Beverly Hills Chihuahua looks stupid. Almost 20 years ago we were all begging our parents to see a movie about talking turtles. And let's not forget those Chipmunks. Kids like talking animals. Get over it. Thank you. more »
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New Projects

So I don't know if you guys have ever noticed this, but I tend to overextend myself when it comes to taking on new projects and responsibilities. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Phil and I are working on two new sites: a webcomic called Brax… more »
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Bite Me Dreamhost

DreamHost Blog » Just Your Average Happy DreamHost Customer (Early this morning, one of our shared web servers ovaltine started crashing. We quickly narrowed it down to At her website manager?s request, we moved her temporarily to a… more »
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If I Can Get Political For a Second

Redefining abortion: Federal officials considering a rule allowing health care workers to refuse to provide contraceptives | Editorial | - Houston Chronicle The Bush administration has consistently opposed providing funding for international… more »
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The California Cell Phone Driving Law Is Silly

So there's a new law that went into effect today in California. If you are caught on your cell phone while driving without using a hands free device you will be fined. I'm guessing the motivation behind this is that drivers are distracted by holding a… more »
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So Long Blockbuster....

Most people I know who had Blockbuster Online accounts canceled theirs when prices were nearly doubled a few months ago. I got to keep my old rate for some reason so I decided to keep my subscription. I've been a little burnt out lately though, seeing… more »
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Warren, We Feel Your Pain

Warren Ellis » Moved My last conversation with Dreamhost having convinced me once and for all that they're a gang of chimps. Note for the future, guys - when you send someone a nastygram telling them they're overusing system resources, and that person… more »
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